Looking around and admiring the wonders of nature, animals, plants, food crops, birds, fishes all existing in their kinds and the rich diversity of the universe one can’t help but wonder how they have been able to remain sustained even in this present time the answer is simple they all abound in the confines of their sources, could this be a pointer to us as humans.

In these times of global pandemic encompassed with uncertainties, doubts, fear, worry, anxiety, loses and death, Man and the world systems have been forced to acknowledge that material thing, riches, etc all have their limitations and they can fail, Man lives on borrowed time that is bound to expire at anytime and even the very best of all acquired possessions can amount to nothing if he lives outside his source and that Man will always be a dependant creature.

As the elements of nature have showed us the importance of being anchored in its source, man has also has a source and he needs to be anchored in his source. Yes because we were created and formed in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).He created us because of his love for us and because he has always desired a loving relationship with you and I, so that we can live life in the fullness of our purpose with all things that he has made available to us. It is never his desire to see you live a life below what he has made you. Think about it this way, the relationship of love that God has for you cannot be separated from the purpose that God has for you which implies that our relationship with him is the foundation for purposeful living. This makes God and his presence to an essential need in our lives and in our world.

How then do we connect with our source?

  • By accepting Jesus Christ into your life. Begin with Inviting him to come into your life because he is the way to access the one True and Living God, the truth because only he can reveal the reality of the one true and Living God to you and the Life because all things exist in him and through him, in his name we have life (John 14:6 and John 15:7).
  • Believing and Confession. This allows you to agree with God about what he says to you and about you. He said whatever you have done, no matter how terrible it is he is able to forgive you and love you John 3:16 says For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.(KJV) why? Because he delights in your well-being and not in you perishing under sin, guilt or condemnation.

What happens next ?

You will now be able to dwell in God’s love (John 15:9) and he gives you a Comforter to live in you in the person of the Holy spirit, who will help you and teach you all things so that you can enjoy everyday life in Love, joy, peace and also receive his great promises that will enable you to become all that God desires of you.

You will also be able to ask God for anything through the name of Jesus Christ and it will be done for you (John15:7). And as you grow and nurture this relationship with the one and only true loving God he will make his home in you, you will begin to see those transformations in those areas of your life that you desire. You will know him personally because he will make himself known to you (John 14:21 & 23).

Now you have the gift of today and this moment in your hands, you can make a decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord, he awaits your response to his invitation.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.

If you have just made that decision I like to be the first to congratulate you and welcome you into God’s family of Love.


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